Saturday, September 8, 2018

Student Information System in PHP
Internet is now a part of our life and after Jio, India is consuming the largest part of the total data consumption in the world. So in these cases demand of online web application are increased. Every one wants a connected system that can be accessed from everywhere.

To fulfill the need, I developed an Online Student Information System, which is a web application developed in PHP and MySQL as database.

Features of the application:

  • Interactive and Easy to use User Interface
  • Admin Dashboard and Member Dashboard
  • Email Verification of every registered user
  • Change password will send a new password to the email of the user
  • Realtime database connectivity with MySQL
  • Approve and delete student
  • Login is not permissible until the users verify their email
Screenshots of the application:

User Registration:

User Login:

Admin Dashboard:

Member Dashboard:

Student Registration:


Source Code:

The web application is developed using HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap and PHP for front end and MySQL database for backend. The Source code of the application is available on the GitHub.

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